Components Pack

Components pack is a Flex Library that extends the default flex components panel.

Library Description


autocompletecbAuto CompleteIt's a text-field with auto complete capabilitiesDemo
onLedsA nice led switch light to show on/off statusDemo


imageIcon FilesLoads and displays windows .ico filesDemo
eqwaveEQ WaveSound visualisationDemo
eqtunnelEQ TunnelSound visualisationDemo
eqlineEQ LineSound visualisationDemo
eqbarsEQ BarsSound visualisationDemo


bevelBevelJust a Canvas with bevel borders (lowered or raised) to group componentsDemo
ultragroupboxGroup BoxAllows a title caption to be added to the group which can also be checkable to enable/disable the groupDemo


cookieCookieA component that gives you easy access to read/write flash cookies using SharedObjectsDemo
dbfDBF FilesReads and parses .dbf files. Not 100% complete. Still doesn't read MEMO fields yet and future functionality will be addedDemo
iniIni FilesReads and parses microsoft .ini configuration files.Demo
torrentTorrent FilesReads and parses .torrent files headers.Demo
javascriptEmbeded JavascriptA runtime component that allows you to insert javascript code in your MXML or load an external .js within your flex application and call methods from it.Demo
md5MD5A MD5 hash algorithmDemo
serializerSerializer/DeserializerSerialize and deserialize objects compatible with JSON and PHP serializationDemo

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  1. Hey,
    Very good initiative, I would be glad to join the project!

  2. Thank you so much for DBF Files component!

  3. Could You please tell how to use colorpicker in component properties? Like for example in EQLine.
    I’m trying do buid my Step Indicator component (a very siple one) and would like to be able to choose colors for it in properties window. I’m using my colors as uint’s but when I try to use colorpicker in property window I got an error like “x00aaCC12 is not a valid integer.”
    How did You managed to use this?


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