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Really useful firefox keyboard shortcuts

firefox-shortcuts-mark1. Automatically complete .org and .net addresses

Yes, we know that if we type ‘google’ in the address bar and press Ctrl+Enter it directly goes to . But what about .org and .net addresses? .

In Firefox, Shift+Enter takes you to .net

And Ctrl+Shift+Enter takes you to .org addresses automatically .

2. Alt + D or F6

You can use this to navigate directly to the browser address bar of firefox. Very useful.

3. Ctrl+T and Ctrl+Shift+T

Ctrl+T helps you to open a new tab and Ctrl+Shift+T reopens the last closed tab.
This comes quite handy in case you accidently close a tab. Another way to do this would be go to History -> Recently closed tabs.

4. Alt+Enter

This can be an extremely useful shortcut. It automatically opens a website in another tab when you highlight it in the autocomplete list. For example you want to go to Facebook and you start typing www.face…, in the address bar and it starts showing the list below. You just need to use the down arrow key to highlight the selection ( in this case ) and press Alt+Enter so that it opens in a new tab.

5. Use of Delete Key

The Delete key can be pretty useful because it helps you delete specific addresses in browser history or autocomplete forms.  If I want to delete the 2nd entry from autocomplete history, I’ll just point to it and press Delete key. Simple, isn’t it .

6. Ctrl+Tab

Ctrl+tab helps you to navigate between different firefox tabs quite easily.

7. Ctrl+[1,2….9]

Ctrl+tab can help you navigate alternate tabs but if you are a heavy tab user like me and want to go to a specific tab then just use Ctrl+corresponding tab number. Ex:To go to the 3rd tab use Ctrl+3.

8. Spacebar and Shift+Spacebar OR PageDown and PageUp

Spacebar or PageDown key scrolls down the webpage you’re on and Shift+Spacebar or PageUp scrolls up the webpage you’re on.

9. The Middle Mouse Button

This is not a keyboard shortcut but it is an excellent shortcut. Just point to a link anywhere on a webpage and press the middle mouse(scroll) button. It opens the page in a new tab .Also middle-clicking a tab with the mouse closes the tab.

10. / Button

This (backslash) if you hit that once will bring a quick find option. We dont have to puch CTRL+F for searching.

I hope these shortcuts will enhance your browsing productivity with Firefox. Share your other interesting shortcuts which I may have missed....!

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  1. Ctrl+Tab and CTRL+Shift+Tab to navigate between tabs.
    F5 for page refresh.

  2. CRTL+ PageUp / PageDown – tab navigation

  3. good article , thanks for sharing the article!

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