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I just finished writing a Flex3 library that will allow you to read a great number of image formats using flex and actionscript 3. The component uses a codec like rendering system, so each time you provide it with a source, the codecs attempt one by one to read the file signature and decide which one is fit to decode the image.
So doing this, it won't matter the file extension or the way you provide the image asset (archived, link, base64 encoded, plain text, byteArray or embedded at compile time)

It's a work in progress but curently I've made codecs for the following formats:

  • PointLineCAD 3D objects (*.p3d)
  • Photoshop images (*.psd, *.pdd)
  • ZSoft images (*.pcx)
  • Truevision TGA (*.tga, *. icb, *.vda, *.vst, *.win)
  • Windows icon files (*.ico)
  • GIF images (*.gif – static and animated gifs)
  • JPEG images (*.jpg. *.jpeg, *.gfif)
  • PNG (Portable network graphic) images (*.png)
  • Windows Bitmap images ( *.bmp, *.rle, *.dib)
  • Adobe Shockwave Flash (*.swf)

As I said before, the way you provide the source doesn't really matter. You can zip up all your images in an archive and as source you can just point to the file inside the zip.

<adm :ExtendedImage id="img" source="" />

This way, you greatly reduce the number of requests to the server. But this is not all. Source can be also provided as a base64 encoded string, or as plain text (only p3d can take advantage of this since the p3d file is plain text as well).

For a bit more details, a demo and API description, visit this page

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