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windows 7 quotes problem

windows7If you have a problem with quotes in Windows 7, try to switch the keyboard layout from "United States - International" to "US"

After installing Windows 7, I discovered the following behavior in the code editor: Pressing the quote (') or double-quote (") key once would have no effect. Pressing any key after that would produce both the double quote character and the next character.

The problem is caused but by regional settings - I solved it by switching from "United States - International" to "US" keyboard layout.

Go to Control Panel->Region and Language->Keyboards and Languages tab->click Change keyboards... where you add English (United States) - Us to the list and then select it as default from the top drop down list.

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  1. thank’s dude! Same problem for me in Vista and W7.

  2. Awesome – was just able to solve this very frustrating problem due to your very clear instructions!!!

    Thanks heaps!!

  3. Thanks! It worked perfectly after I restarted windows!

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