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Xobni Makes Life Easier. Really. It Does.

xobni_scXobni is a new plugin for Outlook 2007 users and it kicks your email capabilities ass.

Email search. Way faster than the current Outlook07 search. When I started typing in the first two or three letters in Xobni it immediately began pulling up emails with those letters used. It has been a time saver because Outlook takes forever to search through 2 years of emails. With Xobni, it's pulling them up in seconds.

Email Analytics. Fancy little graph showing you the frequency of email usage between you and your contact. Below the graph, it shows you the number of messages sent in and out and the contacts rank based on that number.

Click-to Functions. Click on their phone number, click to schedule time with person (creates a default email and pulls your availability from your calendar!), or click to email this person.

Network. Shows you all the people you and that person are associated with.

Conversations. Shows you the history of correspondence between you and that person. How easy!

Files Exchanged. Shows you all the files you and that person have exchanged. How convenient!

Fun Facts. Share fun facts with your contacts, such as who responds the fastest to your emails.

Unlike many Outlook add-ons, Xobni seems to add its functionality without dragging down Outlook's performance, or worse, crashing it. It's useful and it doesn't get in the way. There's no reason not to try it, but be warned: it's still in beta, so just because others haven't had problems doesn't mean you'll get away scot-free.

And the download link.


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