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FlashBuilder network issue

Like most of my articles here, I try to post solutions for unusual problems I encounter now and then that may help someone someday. And this one almost made me scream.

So here's the story. My DEV environment (http://dev/) is a Virtual Host mapped in the Windows host file to point to a sandboxed directory somewhere on my hard drive. The Flex project I'm building uses a RemoteObject and tries to communicate with a AMFPHP gateway to do it's stuff. All good till here.

The weird part is that when I try to run the app, even though my flash is coming from the DEV host and the path to the gateway points to the same DEV host, the AMF calls either failed with a security exception or if they worked, they were extremely slow. The delay between a service call and a response/error was somewhere between 6 and 10 seconds.

Why oh why !? The AMFPHP Browser app that comes with the package works just fine so my app was at fault somehow. Tried some investigations and thanks to Firebug I found the vital clue.

It seems that my app was trying to make the connection to the gateway through http://localhost:37813/. WTF ?? I didn't had any reference to 'localhost' in my code, yet the app was trying to connect using that address for some reason. And quite often, the crossdomain.xml failed to load resulting in a security error.

So what in the world is the problem then ? Well, Flash Builder seems to be the problem (and me for not RTFM).

It seems that if you compile your swf with Network Monitor active, which you may not realize, especially if the window is not even opened, you have just told your swf to redirect all traffic to localhost:37813. It will compile the redirect info into your flash. Traffic may work if you have Flash Builder debugger running but try to deploy that somewhere. Heh.

All you have to do is turn network monitor off. Recompile your swf. Redeploy.

Ta da !

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  1. Thank you, this was driving me nuts. Much appreciated!!

  2. Oh Dear, you just save my life, just a few hours before my demo, many,many,many thanks !!!

  3. I have one question, Do you use Network Monitor at all? I’m trying to use it to the WS response and packet data that is being sent. It seems when I turn network monitor on, it prompts me for the http://localhost:37813/ username and password. Any idea what may be causing this?


  4. +1000 Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I was just about jump out of window, this saved me… cheers!

  6. Yeah this made me scream as well.

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